Henna Packages

Mahir Mehendi Art

We have built our Henna packages to meet most of our clients' needs and offered best value. If you don't see a package that meets your requirements, give us a call and we can sit down with you to create a customized package that meets your needs!

*refer to the attached hands and feet template.

Bridal Packages:

All bridal services include the following:

• pre-wedding cyber consult​ation (phone, email, WhatsApp or facetime)

• detailed henna application

• post application care

• henna care package

1. Basic Bridal Henna: (Starting at $99.99) – Zone A*

This option best suits brides who think less. This package include very delicate

Arabic-style henna on both sides of both hands just beyond the wrist and simple feet henna on top of the foot till ankle.

2. Contemporary Bridal Henna: (Starting at $144.99) - Zone A*

This option best suits brides that prefer an elegant blend of contemporary and Traditional style henna.

3. Signature Bridal Henna: (Starting at $299.99) – Zone B*

This option best suits brides who wants 'the in-between' mix of both bit of modern but yet traditional henna going all the way up to mid arm or few inches below elbows.

4. Medium to Heavy Traditional Bridal Henna (Starting $449.99) – Zone C*

This option best suits brides who say: "well, you only get married once, so why not?"

Travel charges extra.

NOTE: -- All Packages can be customized to suit the needs for your big day.

Special Friends / Family Packages:

*refer to the attached hands and feet template.

Almost every mother/sister/sister-in-law wants something detailed and big on their daughter’s/sister’s wedding day and that’s what we want too for our lovely clients and that’s why we have created different packages for our families with unique choice and different budget. All appointments include henna supplies, aftercare instructions, design selection from our portfolio, expert henna artistry. Travel charges extra.

 Our family package designs have three categories, feel free to choose one or can discuss further mix and match a couple of these to fit as per your budget. Contact us for more details. We can also give you a quote of something that you have liked from our portfolio or from internet. We would be more than happy to customize it for you!

1. Silver henna: S44.99 – Zone A*

This is best for one who is not a henna person as you will get traditional detailed design up till your wrist on palm and bale/strip/mandala of design on outside hands.

2. Gold henna: $ 69.99 – Zone B*

This includes Arabic or traditional henna on palm side of hands 3-4 inches above your wrist and Arabic design (includes mandala) on outer side.

3. Diamond henna: $ 99.99 – Zone C*

This includes full traditional henna up on both sides of the hands till one inch below the elbows.

Party Henna

Here are just a few lists of occasions we can serve your guest​s with a Touch of Traditional Art of Henna; - Sangeet parties, Wedding Henna Night, Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Events, Community Festivals, Birthday Parties (sweet sixteen), Bridal Shower, Chand Raat / Eid, Diwali, Karwa Chauth and more!

All parties include henna supplies, aftercare instructions, design selection from our portfolio, expert henna artistry. Travel charges extra

Doing a really big party… not a problem! We have our team of talented artists who would love to adorn your guests with henna.

Small Party--90 minutes of henna application with ONE artist (Upto 10 guests) - $150.00

Medium Party--3 hours of henna application with ONE artist ((Upto 20 guests) - $ 280.00

Large Party--3 hours of henna application with TWO artists (more than 20 guests)- $360.00

Enjoy our 100% natural fresh & homemade henna paste that smells beautiful. It will awe your guests & they will definitely be talking about it!

You get around 13 big or 18 small designs in an hour (depending on how quickly people are coming and ready to get it)

We prefer free hand design in hourly parties as the design from other artists (from internet) takes longer to do, but if the client prefers to do the one they show, please note it may take longer than anticipated.

Each artist can do a veil/strip/mandala type design in 5 minutes. For larger, more detailed designs refer to “Family packages“

Private Appointments:

Henna can be used for any festivity/occasion or just for fun...

Here are just some examples of private henna sessions that are available:

All appointments include henna supplies, aftercare instructions, design selection from our portfolio, expert henna artistry. Travel charges extra

1. Thirty Minute Session Price: $54.99

This session is perfect for 1 person looking to get 1 or 2 medium standard style sides or small designs.

2. One Hour Session Price: $79.99

This session is perfect for (1 or 2 people) looking for more or big heavy design(s). Heavy design(s) take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete, (each) 

What our customers are saying

"I have done my henna with Mahir Mehendi Art a couple of weeks ago and it was an amazing experience! I don't usually like the smell of henna, but she adds organic ingredients to the mix that makes it not only smells pleasant, but also makes it last for days! She is very talented, and drawing different designs come very naturally to her! I only left the henna on for two hours before washing it off BUT the stain was incredible! dark brown for days and it only started fading away a week later. A Huge plus is that she does home services which is great if you have a busy day or have no transportation. The prices are also reasonable - so all in all I was VERY happy.

I strongly recommend getting in touch with her. I am definitely saving her contact number on my phone for easy access anytime myself or my sisters need some henna!"  - Pandora Haifa

"Excellent detailed designs. We had booked Manali to do our henna during the Eid celebrations this year. in the past we had an experience where the henna artist had used black henna and it caused my sister burns on her skin. Thus this year we booked Manali from Mahir Mehend Art who makes her henna paste by herself at home. So it 100% natural and made with her love. Her henna paste smells fresh, its organic and safe for your skin. When you get good quality for your buck, I believe why to take risks with your skin.

Manali you had done an amazing job with all our henna designs and we are definitely booking you for our yearly Eid celebrations. Thanks dear.<3" - Emma Travers

"Amazing, exceptionally creative ! above and beyond services! beautiful designs, hard working , deeply passionate ! truly enjoyed doing business with you! look forward to place many more orders for many more years!" - Dipti Thakkar

"Amazing henna designs!! The quality of henna is very good, pure and safe for skin." - Jeni Mahida

"Very artistic designs !! The henna artist does a very fine job in managing tiny details of designs!" - Aarti Pillay